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 Workspace Design for Therapists & Bodyworkers

Receiving massage, energy or bodywork isn't just about experiencing a great service.

Each modality holds space for ALL of our senses. We remember places that when entered, have a feeling of cohesiveness or "flow" to them. When visiting, you're a little more relaxed, less anxious or tense, even...calm. You remember how it made you feel to be there.

As therapists, our environments ought to evoke a similar reaction while

simultaneously mirroring our intentions for our clients' well-being.  


Blue Heron Wellness RI is now offering design consultations for those who work in

the healing arts and who want to upscale, improve or reorganize the esthetics of their treatment areas. Whether you have a room, studio, shared space or home office,

it's important that your surroundings rejuvenate and motivate you

each and every day you walk through your door.



The work you do transforms lives; your treatment space deserves transformation too.

Request a Consultation

Initial consultation is free. Terms of contract are based on single or multiple sessions, as

determined by the client's needs, with a one-time administrative fee applied.

Thank you for submitting!
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