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As of Sept 2, 2023, Blue Heron Wellness RI will be closed for massage services until Spring 2024.

See you then!

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Georgina Kalwak, LMT


While at Blue Heron Wellness RI, you can expect to create a partnership focused on your well-being. Because 

bodywork encompasses discovering our innate healing abilities, it is my hope that you leave your session 

feeling supported, especially when feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, overloaded or burned out.

The end goal is to help you reduce pain, become more mobile and simply feel better.


As a military veteran, I fully understand the toll that stress takes on both the mind and body.

After suffering from long-term, chronic back pain, I realized the only time

the pain lessened or there was improved mobility was during mind or bodywork sessions.

Slowly, it became apparent that my next career would include helping others achieve

similar relief through a variety of stress management techniques.  


I want you to experience that it is possible with constant, supportive work, that

 you can breathe easier and live with more tranquility, awareness and vibrancy. 


Together, let's begin the journey towards a healthier YOU.

What Clients are Saying 

“I've been seeing Georgina for a few years now for my massages. She intuitively knows where the knots are and is very skilled at easing my muscles and stress. She's very professional and I am glad I found her. Her massages are part of my health regimen.”

-Sara F.

“I purchased a gift certificate for my wife and after she raved about her appointment, now I also get a massage regularly. After seeing how wonderful the studio was and how peaceful it is there, we have sent several family members and friends to see her too. Highly recommended! 

-Pete R.

Benefits of Massage 

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            Lowers Stress Hormones​ / Increases Flexibility & Joint Mobility

 Faster Soft Tissue Recovery  / Improves Circulation​ 

Improved Feelings of Wellness / Anxiety Reduction


Promotes Better Sleep & Relaxation

Frequently Asked Questions

woman in towel
What do I wear to my appointment and how undressed do I have to be?

Comfortable clothes are best. For women, bras are highly recommended to be removed during the session, but bottom underwear is left on or off according to the clients' comfort level. No body parts will be exposed, unless it's being worked on.
What can I expect during my massage?

You will be asked to fill out a medical history form on your first appointment and a COVID questionnaire each time. A brief discussion is held regarding allergies, expectations from the session and areas to avoid. At this time, any concerns should be discussed.

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What is the minimum age for a massage?

While anyone can receive some form of massage, at BHWRI we ask the client be 14 years of age or older. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian the entire time of treatment and a waiver is required.

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Should I talk during a massage?

While talking is acceptable during a massage, it is the client's option to speak or not. Relaxation is achieved faster when you can quiet your mind and relax. Deeper breathing is encouraged during your session to slow your sympathetic nervous system.

I booked a couples massage. Can the other person stay in the room?

When booking a couples/duet massage, there is an additional seat in the treatment room where they can sit and wait. If the weather is good, there is seating on the deck outside where the view of the pond can be enjoyed while they wait.

Back Massage
What if I fall asleep and drool or snore?

Falling asleep during massage is very common. There is no judgement if you snore or drool and most likely it will be caught by the face cradle cover. Tissues are provided at all times, so you should not be afraid to ask if needed.

What if I need to use the bathroom during treatment?

Using the bathroom is encouraged before your session. It's common to be so relaxed that you need to ask during treatment. In this case, the therapist will step out of the room and return once the client is back on the table. 

Massage Therapy
I'm self-conscious about my skin. Should I receive massage?

If you are experiencing skin disruption such as bad acne, psoriasis or other broken skin conditions, massage may have to wait until it's improved. Talking with your therapist can determine whether you should receive treatment.

                   As of 7/1/22

Gift Cards are no longer offered.

If you have unused gift certificates, book your appointment normally but please add a message to say if it has expired. If they are over one (1) year old or have reached the expiration date, they can still be used, but the difference of the original price paid and current pricing will apply. 

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